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3 Tips to Help You Swim Better!

Like everything swimming has changed a lot since I first learned to swim. Hell, it's changed exponentially since I graduated high school. No need to mention how long ago that was! But if we want to continue to improve we too have to roll with the changes.

Fingertips in first


  • Fingertips enter the water at the same time. Your arm stays straight and extended.

  • Your hand should be cupped like catching a ball.

Kick With Your Feet In The Water

Seems obvious but is an easy habit to fall into.

  • Heels up! Only your heel should break the surface of the water.

  • Remember Flutter Kick Starts At Your Hip Not Your Knee.

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Remember To Exhale Into The Water

Great Idea To Remind Swimmers Of All Ages & Skills.

  • Empty Lungs Under Water.

  • Don't over rotate your head when taking a breath. Eyes should be on the lane line next to you- not the ceiling.

  • Pretty much every movement in swimming is connected to your core. Breathing isn't any different. Tighten your core when taking a breath. It will keep you in proper body alignment & help stop your legs from bowing.

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