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Age Group Practice Games

Air Ball

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Swimmers in the deep end!

The goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air while treading water. The game is over when the ball touches the water. Try counting how many times the ball is passed from swimmer to swimmer. Each time the team sets a new record they earn a reward... like more fun time or they get to choose the next practice set.

Race To The Wall

This game is similar to red light- green light. Someone is picked to be- "it". That person stands on the deck at the far end of the pool.

The other swimmers stand in the water at the opposite of the pool with their back to the pool. Coach divides those swimmers into teams and assigns each team a color.

When the person who is- "it" calls out a color... like "red" the swimmers on the "red" team swim quietly towards the other side of the pool. When the person who is- "it" yells out another color the "red" team must stop. The winning team is the first that gets to the other side. The last swimmer to the wall becomes- "it".

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