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Butterfly Better

Tips To Improve Speed Down The Lane

Your body should undulate throughout the stroke in a wave-like motion.
Lead with your forehead not your chin.
Keep your body as close to the surface of the water as you can. Sinking down into the water creates drag.
Fingertips not thumbs down when hands enter water.
Arms should be shoulder width apart on entry. Having arms at shoulder width is your most optimal power position in both Free and Fly.
Pull should be through the center of your body.
When breathing, chin should skim the top of the water.
Hips and heels should be at the water line not under the water.
Dolphin Kick begins at the hips not the knees.
Keep your legs close together. Do not bow legs when taking a breath. Using a pull buoy at practice is a good way to stop that bad habit!


-Dolphin kick starts at your hips not your knees.
-Don't drop your hips. Body position is crucial in fly kick.
-Legs should be shoulder width apart.
-Don't bow your legs. Keep your knees together- especially when breathing & off the wall.
-First down kick occurs when the hands are pulling through the water and the second kick occurs when the hands enter the water during recovery.

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