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Eat. Swim. Succeed.

When I played sports it wasn’t unheard of to eat junk food minutes before competing, nor was it uncommon to skip meals. Just like the strides we have made with workouts and dryland training, we also have to improve in the way we eat.

Better Food Better Swimming

As a coach I have witnessed first hand the effects the types of food we eat has on swimmers. Not just their athletic accomplishments but also their everyday life. Did you know school, work, relationships, decision making, crisis handling, and even sleep are affected by what we eat? Studies show that most Americans do not follow healthy eating patterns. Those deficiencies in micronutrients can predispose us to long term health issues such as anemia, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. They have also uncovered that for maximum post workout or performance recovery

-when you eat is as important as what you eat.

A Few Recommendations...

Take a multivitamin! Whether it’s an inadequate diet or trouble with absorption, a multivitamin can cover your bases.

Protein drinks. There are days when we just need something healthy and quick. On those occasions protein drinks are an easy way to ensure your swimmer (or swim parent) eats something substantial.

Skip the canned veggies and fruit. Two reasons- Sugar. Salt.

Avoid Soda & Sweets- Nothing will hinder your swimmers performance like filling up on sugary foods and drinks. It makes them tired, cranky and unable to produce the energy necessary to compete.

Picky eating and swimming do not coexist. Avoiding certain food groups or eating only a few types of foods can do serious harm to your health. Including stunting growth. Find things your swimmer likes and make it available. Talk to them about food as fuel and the role it plays in their swimming success. If necessary get your coach or family physician to help or intervene.

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