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Whether your goal is to become a better swimmer, or you are a former elite athlete looking for a competitive outlet, masters swimming offers adult swimmers the opportunity for competition, exercise, training, and stroke development. Ask yourself which of these are most important to you and pick your team with that in mind because not all teams are the same.

It is important to pick one that works for your needs - and that may not be the team down the street or at your local gym or recreation center. Again, not all teams are the same.

You might find your masters team is very self-serve. Designed for swimmers who just want some structured training and/or an established training group. They offer access to pool time but little more. While some teams are focused solely on the competition aspect and incorporate intense training regiments heavy on yardage.

It is also important to remember that many teams tend to place young, inexperienced coaches into these roles. Which explains a lot!!

All of these factors are important when determining if a team is the right fit for you.

Life is busy. Our days are packed from morning to night. Picking a team near your home or work sounds great but may not be in your best interest in the long run.

Finding the right program is just as important for masters swimmers as it is for age-group swimmers. Choosing the program that matches your interests and expectations will place you on a team with like minded teammates and guarantee more success as a masters swimmer.

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