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is crucial to maximizing your starts and turns. By creating an efficient body position off the start, through the water, and after each turn, you increase your in water propulsion. Ways to maximize your streamline...

1) Engage your core when coming off the block or through each turn. Simply stated... tighten your stomach muscles. It will help keep you in proper position and stop slow down from side to side sway or drag.

2) Stretch out and extend your reach through the water. When tired many swimmers lose focus on body position, and sort of shrink in their stroke. Long straight posture will bring more speed off the start, after each turn, as well as through your swim.

Coach's Tip

-Maintain your streamline until you come to the surface of the water.

-Swimmers are fastest underwater- maximizing your streamline makes you more efficient.

-Have patience. Do not pull until you are on top of the water.

How To Streamline

  • Stack one hand on top of the other. Extend your arms overhead, locking elbows. Squeezing your biceps over your ears.

  • Head does not extend forward past your arms, Keep your eyes looking straight down.

  • Keep the core engaged and tighten your stomach muscles

  • Squeeze your legs together and point your toes.


  • SLOB- Streamline on back

  • Dive And Glide- Exactly like it sounds!!

  • One Drill- First 25- Normal Freestyle down the lane. building into the wall. Fast Flipturn. Snap fast through your Flip-turn and remain on your back. Flutter kick off the wall. No fly kick. SLOB (Streamline on Back) the last 25.

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