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Can You Learn To Be More Competitive?

Being competitive doesn't come naturally for everyone. Some swimmers need encouragement to race. You may find newbies or inexperienced swimmers don't quite understand what it means to race or even the mechanics of how to swim faster. Especially when they are doing everything they can to just stay above water.

When you talk with coaches about how to develop competitiveness in athletes, they almost always say racing. But even amongst some elite swimmers you will find the notion of racing and being competitive is a foreign concept. Some swimmers simply approach competition more strategically and less about rivalry. They want everyone to do well.

Ways to help swimmers foster a healthy competitive edge
  • Define success. What do your swimmers equate with achievement? Be honest and explain that personal achievement isn't always coming in first place.

  • Uncover your teams expectations.

  • Encourage determination and hard work. Help your swimmers make the connection between achievement and effort.

Drills To Create Competition- two drills, one in water, one dryland, meant to encourage the spirit of competition amongst swimmers!

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